Fwd: Help putting cyrus on Docker

Niels Dettenbach nd at syndicat.com
Wed Jan 15 04:20:59 EST 2020

Am Dienstag, 14. Januar 2020, 16:47:52 CET schrieb Fabio Montefuscolo:
> I'm trying to build a simple docker image based on CentOS 8, which brings
> cyrus-imapd 3.0.7. I'm having troubles to authenticate on cyrus imap
> service for unknown reasons. There is no syslog facility working inside
> the centos image, so I don't have logs. The final idea is deploy this
> image in a kubernetes cluster. The Dockerfile I'm using is
> https://github.com/fabiomontefuscolo/docker-cyrusimapd
> When I jump into console and try to use cyradm, I get 2 password fields to
> fulfill and at the ent, that doesn't work

as far as i can read in that dockerfile on a first view, it does only install 
dependencies and "activating" SSL/TLS, but lacks any kind of further required 
configuration for cyrus auth etc.

the flexibility and complexity of cyrus installations are not easy to 
"capsule" into a docker file or reciept for a "common usage".

depending on what kind of authentication subsystem (i.e. mysql, pam, ldap, 
pam_mysql, sasl, saslauthd (with pam or other "backend") you want to use or 
even active AD or others you have to configure that by hand (or extend that 
docker file).

a typical "easy" way is using saslauthd with -s pam to "simply" use pam 



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