cyrus-imapd not starting after upgrade

Daniel Bareiro daniel-listas at
Tue Jan 15 17:27:41 EST 2019

Hi, Michael.

Thanks for your reply.

On 15/1/19 17:47, Michael Menge wrote:

>> After that I managed to get the service is up and running (although I
>> have still doubt about the "http" line).

> http is used for CalDAV / CardDav so is most likely in the cyrus-caldav
> package.
> This enables your cyrus server to store address books and calendars.

It seems that "http" does indeed enable CalDAV / CardDAV support with
the cyrus-caldav package. I had not thought of it :-) After installing
the package and uncommenting the "http" line, the error was not shown. I
will need this to synchronize calendars and tasks.

I guess it would have to work with this but Thunderbird shows a message
saying "the calendar is momentarily unavailable". It's weird because it
brought the information from Horde calendar and in fact I added a new
event in Thunderbird and it was shown by Horde. But when I pressed the
sync button this message was shown with an exclamation mark. But this
has already happened to me with Cyrus 2.4.17 and Thunderbird 60.x. I'm
thinking if it has to do with something on the side of Thunderbird 60.x
or Horde or the result of the interaction of both.

>> I have also come across this error now:
>> ----------
>> Jan 15 15:32:16 mail cyrus/imaps[21978]: IDLE: error sending message
>> INIT to idled for mailbox user.jsmith: No such file or directory.
>> Falling back to polling every 60 seconds.
>> ----------

> is idled (man idled) configured in cyrus.conf?

When I upgraded to Stretch I initially installed the versions of
configurations provided by the package maintainer and then passed the
changes from the previous configuration files to the new versions of the
configuration files. I thought that this would be the best.

The "idled" line was commented out with Cyrus 2.4.17 and I don't
remember having ever seen those messages in the log. So here I also kept
it commented out (as it came initially). Maybe this is because something
changed in the new version of Cyrus. Now I have activated that line and
the message has vanished.

>> It seems this is preventing access to IMAP mailboxes. I am investigating
>> the cause. Any contribution is welcome.

> It should not preventing access to IMAP mailboxes. This is a cpu friendly
> "inform me if there is new mail" feature which results in
> "Falling back to polling every 60 seconds." if it is missing

Sorry. I expressed myself inaccurately. The content of the mailboxes is
accessed. What I meant is it seems that from time to time the connection
is lost. This is what I see in the log when that happens:

Jan 15 19:12:22 mail cyrus/imaps[27754]: Fatal error: Exists wrong 257
256 11 16585
Jan 15 19:12:22 mail cyrus/master[26739]: process type:SERVICE
name:imaps path:/usr/lib/cyrus/bin/imapd age:0.265s pid:27754 exited,
status 75

For example, that happens when I try to access a folder with more than
2000 messages. I am investigating the cause. If you know what it can be,
any info will be welcome. It's weird because I don't remember seeing
this with Cyrus 2.4.17.

Thanks for your time.

Kind regards,

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