cyrus-imapd not starting after upgrade

Daniel Bareiro daniel-listas at
Tue Jan 15 13:36:24 EST 2019

On 15/1/19 15:05, Daniel Bareiro wrote:

> The fact is that if I also comment out the "http" line, now it seems
> that I get a syntax error:
> ----------
> Jan 15 14:14:28 mail cyrus/master[20778]: configuration file
> /etc/cyrus.conf: bad character '_' in name on line 101
> Jan 15 14:14:28 mail cyrus/master[20778]: exiting
> ----------
> I think the configuration file already came with the "squatter_a" line
> and I just removed the comment. Unless this is a bug in the
> configuration file provided by Stretch for Cyrus 2.5.10:
> ----------
>  99         # reindex all mailboxes (fulltext) daily
> 100         # DGB - 20190114
> 101         squatter_a      cmd="/usr/sbin/cyrus squatter" at=0517
> ----------

Hmmmm... it seems this is a bug in the Debian Stretch configuration file
because of what I see in the examples shown here [1]. The file also has
the line "squatter_1" and it should be "squatter1".

After that I managed to get the service is up and running (although I
have still doubt about the "http" line).

I have also come across this error now:

Jan 15 15:32:16 mail cyrus/imaps[21978]: IDLE: error sending message
INIT to idled for mailbox user.jsmith: No such file or directory.
Falling back to polling every 60 seconds.

It seems this is preventing access to IMAP mailboxes. I am investigating
the cause. Any contribution is welcome.

Thanks in advance for your time.

Kind regards,


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