Xapian searches in Cyrus 3.0

Egoitz Aurrekoetxea egoitz at sarenet.es
Thu Jan 3 11:06:19 EST 2019

Hi Sebastian! 

I suppose I won't have problems when upgrading, because I'll do a 2.4 in
place upgrade (with no xapian, no indexing) and later a replication to a
3.0 Cyrus with Xapian enabled, where all indexes due to this sync should
being generated (it seems logs say that at least...). Is Xapian search
slower than "previous way" in some situation?. When talking about a
fallback, I meant you know, running Squatter without being in rolling
mode and behaving and indexing the way before Xapian appeared... which I
suppose it would be used berkeley or similar, but have seen no berkeley
support is present in last Cyrus versions so... don't really know which
database backend where used... I suppose to some other database type....

Thanks mate!!!


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El 03-01-2019 16:37, Sebastian Hagedorn escribió:

> --On 3. Januar 2019 um 16:08:44 +0100 Robert Stepanek <rsto at fastmailteam.com> wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 3, 2019, at 3:55 PM, Egoitz Aurrekoetxea wrote: I was planning to perform mailboxes squattering in rolling mode. Have
> you had some kind of expience on searching with Xapian and IMAP
> protocol?. Perhaps is more designed for JMAP?. Or perhaps, using it
> with IMAP is not so advantageous?. Both IMAP and JMAP search share the same core search API in Cyrus, so
> all search features available in JMAP can also be used using IMAP. The
> key is to use FUZZY search for text search, and this can be an advantage
> especially for non-English search over the other search backends.

A few additional comments:

With the setting "search_fuzzy_always: 1" all searches use Xapian.
Otherwise searches from clients that don't use FUZZY run completely
without a search index. There is no fallback mechanism to squatter. You
also need to be careful with the conversationsdb. In my experience the
DB is not updated when syncing from a 2.4 server to a 3.0 server. That
means that you need ro rebuild each user's conversationdb manually using
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