Robert Stepanek rsto at fastmailteam.com
Mon May 21 07:51:44 EDT 2018

Hi Albert,

On Fri, May 18, 2018, at 22:39, Albert Shih wrote:
> After turn on telemetry it's seem Thunderbird just do a « classic » search.
> So that's mean when I do search from Thunderbird it's very slow, and I
> build the xapian index for almost nothing because almost 90% of my users
> use Thunderbird as MUA.
> Do you want I create a issue on github ?

Yes, please create an issue for this on Github so we can track this. I don't know why it's implemented like it currently is, and I haven't assessed what's involved to change this.

If you find time, please feel free to join our weekly Cyrus developer hangout, next meeting is on Monday, May 28 at 11am UTC where I will bring this up:


The hangout is open for anyone interested in Cyrus development, and we always look to forward to meet new people :)


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