Why Cyrus?

Adam Tauno Williams awilliam at whitemice.org
Wed Jan 17 10:39:45 EST 2018

> > I'd say it's the better choice for large-scale deployments with
> > tens and hundreds of thousands of users.
> Cyrus does not require creating users on the mail server which I 
> have always believed is a big security plus.

+1  Cyrus having its own identity management has been a big plus; the
server as kind of a service-sandbox.

> > > I use Cyrus because Dovecot did not excist at the time I wanted
> > > to go away from Washington IMAP. 
> > I'm in the same boat. 
>  The same kind of thing for me because there was not much around in
> the late 90's in the way of IMAP servers.

Same here.  I migrated from UW l-o-n-g ago as UW so desperately
struggled with large mailboxes.

> > Right, but for a new deployment I would at least consider Dovecot.
> > I've never administrated a Dovecot server, but it is definitely
> > much easier to set up than Cyrus. 
>  I am not so sure about that now.

Agree [but, honestly, I've never understood the cyrus-is-complicated
bit].  Cyrus is self-contained, which makes it much easier to

> I believe Cyrus was designed to solve the mailstore problem at scale
> from the outset.


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