Why Cyrus?

Paolo Cravero paolo.cravero at csi.it
Wed Jan 17 11:20:22 EST 2018

My 2 cents...

>  I have been asked to provide support to a Rube Goldberg style of mail setup and trying to track the installation and configuration of dovecot in a multidomain, virtual-user setup was crazy.
>  It seemed like there were dozens of config files spread over the file system.

I agree on this. It took a me a lot of trial-and-error when I tried to replicate in Dovecot our multidomain virtual-user Cyrus setup. Also the use of ACLs to share mailboxes was different and I couldn't converge to an identical behavior. 

>  I believe Cyrus was designed to solve the mailstore problem at scale from the outset.

With 26 TB of messages stored on Cyrus mailstores in individual files, backups can be a nightmare. I really liked the storage bins offered by Dovecot and the automatic archiving to lower-performance disks when I played with it, because it would cut by a factor of 10-100-1000 the number of files to consider.

As I said: my 2 cents.

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