Why Cyrus?

Alvin Starr alvin at netvel.net
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On 01/17/2018 06:33 AM, Sebastian Hagedorn wrote:
> Hi,
>> A new customer asks me to build a new mailserver environment with
>> Dovecot. I normally use Cyrus.
>> My question: What's better in Cyrus?
> I thought the plan was to answer that question on the website, but I 
> guess that hasn't happened yet – at least I couldn't find anything.
> I'd say it's the better choice for large-scale deployments with tens 
> and hundreds of thousands of users.
Cyrus does not require creating users on the mail server which I have 
always believed is a big security plus.
>> I use Cyrus because Dovecot did not excist at the time I wanted to go
>> away from Washington IMAP.
> I'm in the same boat.
The same kind of thing for me because there was not much around in the 
late 90's in the way of IMAP servers.
>> An important reason to stay with Cyrus is
>> this mailing list with good support, and because I know Cyrus.
> Right, but for a new deployment I would at least consider Dovecot. 
> I've never administrated a Dovecot server, but it is definitely much 
> easier to set up than Cyrus.
I am not so sure about that now.
I have been asked to provide support to a Rube Goldberg style of mail 
setup and trying to track the installation and configuration of dovecot 
in a multidomain, virtual-user setup was crazy.
It seemed like there were dozens of config files spread over the file 

Dovecot is kind of like Postfix.
Once upon a time it was a simple little application to solve a smallish 
application domain but as the requirements grew creeping features 
created an overly complex rats nest of config options and data sources.

I believe Cyrus was designed to solve the mailstore problem at scale 
from the outset.

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