BDB despite apparent lack of BDB databases

Boylan, Ross Ross.Boylan at
Tue May 16 13:05:14 EDT 2017

My imapd.conf has no mention of the database formats.  I'm using Debian, and I believe that info is supposed to be in /usr/lib/cyrus/
I don't have that file either because the Debian instructions say to delete that file when you change the database format, putting
the new formats in cyrus-db-types.txt.  That file is
DBENGINE BerkeleyDB5.3
DUPLICATE skiplist
MBOX skiplist
PTS skiplist
QUOTA quotalegacy
SEEN skiplist
SUBS flat
TLS skiplist

The deletion of the .active file is supposed to be a signal to the package machinery to convert database formats and copy the .txt file to the .active file, but that is not happening.  Perhaps because the necessary cyrus utility programs also fail.

I tried copying the .txt file to the .active file by hand, but restarting produces the same log messages as before.  I am letting it run, and the log shows it upgrading the indices in all the folders in the mail spool.  At the end, despite complaints,  cyrmaster (Debian's rename of master) is listening on port 143.


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--On 15. Mai 2017 um 20:16:56 +0000 "Boylan, Ross" <Ross.Boylan at>

> I am upgrading an old cyrus 2.2 installation to 2.4.  Using a chroot I
> converted all my old bdb databases to skiplist and copied the results to
> the system with cyrus 2.4. cyrus2.4 wouldn't not start, giving lots of
> bdb errors.  I moved the db* directories out of the way, and now it
> complains some that they are missing, but may be running OK. 1) Is it OK?
> 2) Why am I getting BDB errors without using BDB databases?
> There have been a number of closely related threads:
> (never answered)
> (seemed to
> establish bdb was in use even though not configured to be used, but
> unresolved)
> (advised converting all the databases, but I think I've done that)

Have you modified your imapd.conf to indicate that the files are skiplist?
It's not enough to convert the files.
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