BDB despite apparent lack of BDB databases

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> I am upgrading an old cyrus 2.2 installation to 2.4.  Using a chroot I
> converted all my old bdb databases to skiplist and copied the results to
> the system with cyrus 2.4. cyrus2.4 wouldn't not start, giving lots of
> bdb errors.  I moved the db* directories out of the way, and now it
> complains some that they are missing, but may be running OK. 1) Is it OK?
> 2) Why am I getting BDB errors without using BDB databases?
> There have been a number of closely related threads:
> (never answered)
> (seemed to
> establish bdb was in use even though not configured to be used, but
> unresolved)
> (advised converting all the databases, but I think I've done that)

Have you modified your imapd.conf to indicate that the files are skiplist? 
It's not enough to convert the files.
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