BDB despite apparent lack of BDB databases

Boylan, Ross Ross.Boylan at
Tue May 23 15:21:54 EDT 2017

In partial answer to my original question,  cyrusdb.c contains (in 2.4)
struct cyrusdb_backend *cyrusdb_backends[] = {
#ifdef HAVE_BDB
#if defined HAVE_MYSQL || defined HAVE_PGSQL || defined HAVE_SQLITE
    NULL };

void cyrusdb_init()
    int i, r;
    char dbdir[1024];
    const char *confdir = libcyrus_config_getstring(CYRUSOPT_CONFIG_DIR);
    int initflags = libcyrus_config_getint(CYRUSOPT_DB_INIT_FLAGS);

    strcpy(dbdir, confdir);
    strcat(dbdir, FNAME_DBDIR);

    for(i=0; cyrusdb_backends[i]; i++) {
        r = (cyrusdb_backends[i])->init(dbdir, initflags);
        if(r) {
            syslog(LOG_ERR, "DBERROR: init() on %s",

Since mine was compiled with BDB supported (presumably) the berkeley backends are there and cyrusdb_init() tries to initialize them even if none of my actual databasess are using a BDB format.

I think my best move would be to find the initialization logic that creates the db directory and do that to create an emptyish directory (if tools/mkimap is a guide it looks as if I should create stage. and sync. underneath it).


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