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Fri Sep 25 08:34:56 EDT 2015

On Fri, Sep 25, 2015, at 21:43, Vladislav Kurz wrote:
> settings in imapd.conf
> virtdomains: userid
> defaultdomain: 
> # the domain for old "domainless" mailboxes
> If i remember correctly, we had to switch to "unixhierarchysep: yes"
> before enabling virtdomains. (we wanted to support mailboxes in the form 
> firstname.lastame at That was a bit of pain, some users had to 
> reconfigure their mail clients. I am not sure if virtdomains work without 
> unixhierarchysep.

They certainly do!  FastMail runs virtdomains: userid and unixhierarchysep: no.
It's a very well tested configuration :)

We still run some users split and some not, because it's a pain to change users
over.  Mostly because we rebuild search indexes and a bunch of other heavy IO
things after the rename.



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