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Fri Sep 25 07:43:52 EDT 2015

On Friday 25 of September 2015 Patrick Goetz <pgoetz at> wrote:

> It seems that everyone is using virdomains now, and I need to start
> doing this soon myself.  2 questions:
> 1. Can I use virtdomain accounts alongside the existing
> non-domain-specific accounts; or more precisely
> 2. Can I just add the virtdomain functionality to my existing install
> without disrupting the existing mail service in any way?  Or does this
> become a management headache?


the answer is 2x yes. We did exactly that a few years ago - (cyrus 2.4.16)

settings in imapd.conf

virtdomains: userid
# the domain for old "domainless" mailboxes

If i remember correctly, we had to switch to "unixhierarchysep: yes"
before enabling virtdomains. (we wanted to support mailboxes in the form 
firstname.lastame at That was a bit of pain, some users had to 
reconfigure their mail clients. I am not sure if virtdomains work without 

And just for record this is combined with sasldb auth backend. Old accounts 
are in form user at short-hostname, new accounts are full email address.

However, please test the transition on a test machine first.

best Regards
        Vladislav Kurz

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