duplicatesuppression -- why?

Alvin Starr alvin at netvel.net
Sat Jan 10 12:00:32 EST 2015

Duplicate suppression does not just gloss over user errors.
It glosses over mail administrator errors also.
Also if I am on a number of lists and someone posts to several of the 
lists then I can end up with several copies of the same message.

It works so well that you forget about it until it breaks and your 
mailbox fills up with lots of duplicate messages.

I only wish that duplicate suppression went so far as removing 
duplicates of messages written directly into a mailbox.
I can get my MTA to put a copy of each message sent into a clients sent 
folder but if the clients mail reader places a copy of sent messages 
into the same sent folder then I end up with duplicates of each message.

On 01/10/2015 10:05 AM, Patrick Goetz wrote:
> On 1/10/2015 5:51 AM, Robert Norris wrote:
>> The major problem with it in my experience is that you might actually
>> prefer the copy of the message that came through the list. For me that's
>> usually because I wanted DKIM headers or similar.
> The other problem is it involves adding computational infrastructure to
> correct minor user-error behaviors, which (as a sometimes educator) I'm
> opposed to philosophically.  The MUA I use (Thunderbird) even includes a
> "Reply List" button to prevent this.  Thanks for that response.  It's
> very clear to me that I *don't* want this feature.  FastMail is a
> completely different use case, but I'm not sure I would turn it on
> there, either.
> So, presumably if I use
>      duplicatesuppression: 0
> Then the duplicate_db skiplist won't even be created in the first place?
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