GUI replacement for cyradm

Andreas Pflug andreas at
Thu Nov 6 11:29:30 EST 2014

Using cyradm to add mailboxes and do some acl stuff isn't too convenient
if you're not doing it 50 times a day and you're a command line geek. So
I hacked up an IMAP plugin to the Admin4 framework as cyradm
replacement. It should work on any IMAP server, but has only been tested
on several cyrus imapd installations so far.

Currently, browsing/creating/renaming/deleting of mailboxes is
implemented, as well as setting comments and acls. Quota will be
displayed, setacl isn't implemented yet. Non-ASCII mailbox names are
supported as well, displaying their utf-decoded name.

check it here:
Comments/contributions welcome!

Regards, Andreas

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