GUI replacement for cyradm

Reinaldo Gil Lima de Carvalho reinaldoc at
Thu Nov 6 16:57:10 EST 2014

2014-11-06 14:29 GMT-02:00 Andreas Pflug <andreas at>:

> Using cyradm to add mailboxes and do some acl stuff isn't too convenient
> if you're not doing it 50 times a day and you're a command line geek. So
> I hacked up an IMAP plugin to the Admin4 framework as cyradm
> replacement. It should work on any IMAP server, but has only been tested
> on several cyrus imapd installations so far.
> Currently, browsing/creating/renaming/deleting of mailboxes is
> implemented, as well as setting comments and acls. Quota will be
> displayed, setacl isn't implemented yet. Non-ASCII mailbox names are
> supported as well, displaying their utf-decoded name.
> check it here:
> Comments/contributions welcome!
See to get ideias

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the way you work, but rather yourself to the way the software works"
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