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Vladislav Kurz vladislav.kurz at webstep.net
Wed Mar 26 04:22:42 EDT 2014

Hi all,

I have a customer with Outlook 2013. A year ago I have upgraded their cyrus 
and put the XList options in imapd.conf:

xlist-archive: Archive
xlist-drafts: Drafts
xlist-junk: Junk
xlist-sent: Sent
xlist-trash: Deleted

They upgraded to outlook2013 themselves later so I asked about their 
experience. It seems that everything works fine. There is just some confusion 
caused by previous version of outlook using other names for the default 
folders, so now the have folder with similar names like: "Junk" and "Junk E-
mail", etc.

S pozdravem
        Vladislav Kurz

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