sieveshell aborts with "expected RPAREN"

John Wade jwade at
Wed Mar 5 23:11:30 EST 2014

Back on /Wed Sep 21 08:20:36 EDT 2011, Steffan Rapp reported:
> Hello,
> i had problems with the Cyrus::SIEVE::managesieve package in the new
> cyrus 2.4.11 code. The "better response codes for timsieved" lead to
> problems in the perl package if you try to "get" an nonexistent
> script:
> sieveshell ...
> >/  get nonexistant
> /Bad protocol from MANAGESIEVE server: expected RPARAN
> The perl package expects quoted strings inside the parantheses and
> these quotes are missing.
> There are two possible solutions: fix the parser or put quotes
> around the strings.

And Bron Gondwana responded:
> On Wed, Sep 21, 2011 at 06:24:26PM +0200, Дилян Палаузов wrote:
> > Hello Stefan,
> >
> > the ManageSieve protocol/RFC5804 says, there are no quotes around
> > the response codes, thus fixing timsieved to put quotes is not an
> > option.
> So we'll fix the Perl :)
> Thanks for pointing this out.
> Regards,
> Bron.

Does anyone know if the perl ever got fixed? I could not find anything 
on the list, readmes, etc. We just updated to 2.4.17 using Simon 
Matter's RPM's and we are running into this bug. I also downloaded the 
latest tarball for 2.4.17, compiled it and put the in 
place and saw the same behavior. (Not surprisingly, the 
does not appear to have changed in years.)

If this is not fixed, I can take a stab at it, just wanted to make sure 
I was not re-inventing the wheel and/or missing something stupid.

Thanks in advance,
John Wade
Oakton Community College

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