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Tue Dec 16 13:59:35 EST 2014

On 12/16/2014 01:30 PM, Andy Bennett wrote:
> Hi,
>> Email-based appointment scheduling is only used if you try to schedule
>> with someone NOT on the Cyrus server.  The Cyrus server will send out
>> invites/replies via email for remote users.  Any local attendees will
>> have the appointment automatically added to their calendar per the
>> calendar-auto-schedule spec.  If you receive an email appointment, and
>> have a calendar-aware email client, then the client will have to add the
>> appointment to your calendar. Eventually, I would like to add iMIP
>> gateway functionality to lmtpd which would auto-handle replies (I think
>> auto-handling initial requests is just asking for problems).
> Interesting.
> How do you deal robustly with that asymmetry?
> In all other respects, when Cyrus generates an "output", such as a
> response in a sieve rule, or quota bounce or whatever, it goes via the
> MTA and is therefore subject to all the regular routing rules for mail.
> In this instance, there seems to be a special data path for calendaring
> which could yield some strange symptoms in setups that aren't extremely
> basic.

Sorry, I wasn't clear on this point.  Cyrus CalDAV sends out remote 
invites/replies in the same way that Sieve does its work.  Its done via 
the MTA by piping the email to the local "sendmail" binary.

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