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Tue Dec 16 13:30:13 EST 2014


> Email-based appointment scheduling is only used if you try to schedule 
> with someone NOT on the Cyrus server.  The Cyrus server will send out 
> invites/replies via email for remote users.  Any local attendees will 
> have the appointment automatically added to their calendar per the 
> calendar-auto-schedule spec.  If you receive an email appointment, and 
> have a calendar-aware email client, then the client will have to add the 
> appointment to your calendar. Eventually, I would like to add iMIP 
> gateway functionality to lmtpd which would auto-handle replies (I think 
> auto-handling initial requests is just asking for problems).

How do you deal robustly with that asymmetry?

In all other respects, when Cyrus generates an "output", such as a
response in a sieve rule, or quota bounce or whatever, it goes via the
MTA and is therefore subject to all the regular routing rules for mail.

In this instance, there seems to be a special data path for calendaring
which could yield some strange symptoms in setups that aren't extremely

In other, similar, news, I don't seem to be able to get any Google
Groups eMail to my work account because, even tho' it's hosted
elsewhere, someone at my firm once set up a Google Apps account (which
has now been deleted) and some routing rule for my eMail address seems
to have gotten stuck in Google that means it doesn't choose the MX for
my domain any more. :-(

This is very painful to debug and fix.


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