Recommended file locations for linux cyrus servers?

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Thu Dec 4 18:23:24 EST 2014

We have quite a complex file system structure over tmpfs, ssd and two
separate drive partitions for every store now for much the same reason,
and we dump the core files onto /local which is the syslog location as
well - so that a crasher bug won't cause full disk on the Cyrus
partitions (though I think we've fixed all the corruption bugs on full
disk now).

As with anything, if you're doing a really small system, it probably
doesn't matter. If you're doing a big system, then thinking about your
partitioning matters.


On Fri, Dec 5, 2014, at 10:18 AM, John wrote:
> Patrick,
      For what it's worth, I have a separate /srv partition for exactly
      the reasons you outline, and I place the cyrus mailbox data in
      /srv/cyr. That way, an overfull mail store doesn't kill the entire
      server (and vice versa, perhaps). I'm using Ubuntu, but I think
      the principle remains the same.
      On 04/12/14 23:11, Patrick Goetz wrote:
>> This might seem like a dumb question, but I'm wondering if anyone has
some thoughts on recommended file locations for single server systems;
in particular, what are the cyrus default folder locations?

I've been using cyrus on Ubuntu/debian systems and am now making a
switch to Arch. The default debian file locations are:

   /var/spool/cyrus: mail, news, sieve /var/run/cyrus: sockets
   /var/lib/cyrus: db files, db, quota, msg, proc
   (configdirectory=/var/lib/cyrus) /var/log/mail.* log files

although there also appears to be an unused /var/lib/cyrus/user folder

The problem with putting actual user mail in /var is that this can
eventually amount to quite a bit of data. Many modern small server
systems are set up with small/fast SSD OS disks and user data (/home)
stored on larger traditional disks. (I set up all my servers like this.)
Since the OS disk is relatively small, I try to avoid placing growing
data stores on it.

The simple solution would appear to be to place /var on a separate
partition on the larger disks as well, but this has in the past resulted
in boot problems because /var doesn't get mounted quickly enough. (And
yes, understood this problem has finally been solved by systemd.)

So my solution has been to make the defaultpartition = /home/cyrus/mail

leaving the debian defaults in place otherwise.

The Arch package maintainer has set up everything under /var/imap:

    [root at ibis imap]# pwd /var/imap [root at ibis imap]# ls db log msg proc
    quota sieve socket user

I can live with this, but it doesn't seem ideal, either. For example,
what is the configdirectory, given this directory structure?

Hence my question. The Arch philosophy is to stick as closely to
upstream as possible, so it would be useful to know what that is.

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