Recommended file locations for linux cyrus servers?

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Thu Dec 4 18:18:12 EST 2014


For what it's worth, I have a separate /srv partition for exactly the
reasons you outline, and I place the cyrus mailbox data in /srv/cyr.
That way, an overfull mail store doesn't kill the entire server (and
vice versa, perhaps). I'm using Ubuntu, but I think the principle
remains the same.


On 04/12/14 23:11, Patrick Goetz wrote:
> This might seem like a dumb question, but I'm wondering if anyone has 
> some thoughts on recommended file locations for single server systems; 
> in particular, what are the cyrus default folder locations?
> I've been using cyrus on Ubuntu/debian systems and am now making a 
> switch to Arch.  The default debian file locations are:
>    /var/spool/cyrus:   mail, news, sieve
>    /var/run/cyrus:     sockets
>    /var/lib/cyrus:     db files, db, quota, msg, proc
>      (configdirectory=/var/lib/cyrus)
>    /var/log/mail.*     log files
> although there also appears to be an unused /var/lib/cyrus/user folder
> The problem with putting actual user mail in /var is that this can 
> eventually amount to quite a bit of data.  Many modern small server 
> systems are set up with small/fast SSD OS disks and user data (/home) 
> stored on larger traditional disks. (I set up all my servers like this.) 
>   Since the OS disk is relatively small, I try to avoid placing growing 
> data stores on it.
> The simple solution would appear to be to place /var on a separate 
> partition on the larger disks as well, but this has in the past resulted 
> in boot problems because /var doesn't get mounted quickly enough.  (And 
> yes, understood this problem has finally been solved by systemd.)
> So my solution has been to make the defaultpartition = /home/cyrus/mail
> leaving the debian defaults in place otherwise.
> The Arch package maintainer has set up everything under /var/imap:
>     [root at ibis imap]# pwd
>     /var/imap
>     [root at ibis imap]# ls
>     db  log  msg  proc  quota  sieve  socket  user
> I can live with this, but it doesn't seem ideal, either.  For example, 
> what is the configdirectory, given this directory structure?
> Hence my question.  The Arch philosophy is to stick as closely to 
> upstream as possible, so it would be useful to know what that is.
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