Migrating to Office 365

Dan White dwhite at olp.net
Mon Jun 25 11:03:34 EDT 2012

On 06/25/12 15:38 +0100, Simon Geary wrote:
>Hello list,
>I need to migrate mailboxes from a few different Cyrus servers to Microsoft
>Office 365 and am looking for a few tips.
>The migration process requires a CSV file to be prepared with a single
>username and password that has access to every student mailbox. Is it
>possible to create such a superuser account in Cyrus?
>Microsoft provide some tips on the required formatting of the CSV file for
>other IMAP servers here, but I am struggling to find a format that works.
>Anyone have any ideas on how to accomplish this?

I would guess that the Dovecot example should work. What's referred to as
an Administrator should be the equivalent of a proxyservers entry in
imapd.conf. e.g.:

proxyservers: mailadmin

For the proxy authentication to work, you will need to enable sasl
authentication, and offer a mechanism which supports it:


Dan White

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