How to get rid of reserved mailboxes?

Wolfgang Breyha wbreyha at
Fri Dec 21 09:47:34 EST 2012


Frank Richter wrote, on 21.12.2012 12:00:
> In this process we've got one "reserved mailbox" in a backend's mailboxes.db:
>   2 j xyz        lrswipkxtecda

I would try to stop cyrus on the backend, then look what
ctl_mboxlist -mw
says. If that looks sane and only talks about the mentioned mailbox then try
ctl_mboxlist -m
to fix it. If another "-mw" is silent then restart cyrus.

Do not try ctl_mboxlist while cyrus is running!

Usually "ctl_mboxlist -m" is executed in cyrus.conf on startup on a backend.
Do you have this entry?

  mupdatepush	cmd="ctl_mboxlist -m"

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