running cyrus-imapd over openstack cloud storage ?

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Tue Dec 18 01:36:26 EST 2012


I'm running on OpenStack. I don't know about your provider, however mine
gives me a similarly shared storage device for the root partition.

Nevertheless, I'm toying with the idea of selectively creating mailboxes on
different partitions whereby one partition would be the local root disk,
another partition would be a block storage partition where I would create an
"Archive" mailbox for each user, where they can move their email
themselves... Why? This saves me from needing to keep increasing the size of
my IMAP server.



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Subject: running cyrus-imapd over openstack cloud storage ?

I ask if anyone ever tried cyrus-imapd /var/spool/imap partion over an
openstack cloud storage.
I have such an idea to try it but if anyone already did it, I wanted to ask
if this can slow the cyrus-imap access to file and folders, or if this is
just good for a sort of imap storage reiliability.

I have to implement an imap server for about 10000+ mailboxes.
any hints on the architecture I might use ?

thank you


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