Trouble with LIST-EXTENDED

Janne Peltonen janne.peltonen at
Wed Dec 19 07:08:59 EST 2012


This looks weird to me:

. lsub "atk" "*"
* LSUB (\HasChildren) "." "atk"
* LSUB () "." "atk.portaltech"
* LSUB (\HasChildren) "." "atk.posti"
* LSUB () "." "atk.posti.ok"
* LSUB (\HasChildren) "." "atk.webmail"
* LSUB () "." "atk.webmail.ok"
. OK Completed (0.000 secs)
. list (subscribed) "atk" "*"
* LIST (\Subscribed \HasChildren) "." "atk"
* LIST (\Subscribed \HasChildren) "." "atk.posti"
* LIST (\Subscribed \HasChildren) "." "atk.webmail"
. OK Completed (0.000 secs)

Am I missing something, or do I hit a bug there using the extended list syntax?
This happens at least with default namespace (shared folders in root
namespace): I only see the top two levels of subscribed mailboxen. Subscribed
folders under INBOX and under other users' mailboxen (in the "user" hierarchy)
are all visible, the bug only appears with shared folders. I haven't tested
what would happen with altnamespace.

(At least the most recent IMP makes use of the LIST-EXTENDED syntax.)

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