running cyrus-imapd over openstack cloud storage ?

Andy Bennett andyjpb at
Mon Dec 17 11:15:42 EST 2012


> I ask if anyone ever tried cyrus-imapd /var/spool/imap partion over an 
> openstack cloud storage.
> I have such an idea to try it but if anyone already did it, I wanted to 
> ask if this can slow the cyrus-imap
> access to file and folders, or if this is just good for a sort of imap 
> storage reiliability.

Mail is a spindle-heavy workload so performance may well suffer badly on
shared-fabric storage systems.

> I have to implement an imap server for about 10000+ mailboxes.
> any hints on the architecture I might use ?

This is a good paper on sizing a mail system based on various
requirements such as cost per user and total number of users:

+ How many concurrent users do you expect?
+ How much storage space do you need per user?
+ How many concurrent deliveries do you expect?
+ Will you be running the MTA and MSA on the same host?
+ What are your backup requirements?
+ Will you be offering webmail?
+ Will you be offering IMAP or just POP?

10,000+ mailboxes isn't the largest installation, but neither is it
particularly small. You'll have to find good answers to many questions
before you begin in order to get a system with acceptable performance.


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