Removing sharing of mailbox when granted user is deleted

Dan White dwhite at
Wed Oct 26 19:23:22 EDT 2011

On 27/10/11 00:11 +0200, Paolo Cravero wrote:
>Citazione Dan White <dwhite at>:
>> On 26/10/11 23:20 +0200, Paolo Cravero wrote:
>> >The situation is:
>> >- user A shares a mailbox with user B
>> >- user B at some point is deleted
>> >
>> >how do I remove the ACL on A's folder for B?
>> What error are you getting when attempting to remove B's ACLs with cyradm
>> (deleteacl)?
>Apologies. I used totally wrong words. My question is about a procedure, not an
>application error.
>The problem is: how do I know which mailboxes B was granted access to, so that I
>can remove the ACL(s)?
>Like: B is a secretary. A/C/D/E give her access to their mailboxes. That is
>under A/C/D/E control, so there is no log of the operation (according to a past
>discussion on this list). When B is gone I need to remove all the grants she had
>received, but I don't know them.
>Can "listaccessmailbox" be used to filter them out, so that I don't have to
>parse through the whole list of mailboxes? Or an IMAP command to get the list,
>before B is deleted?
>I haven't found any useful hint in the docs.

You could script something up with the Cyrus::IMAP::Admin perl module that
cycles through your mailbox list and deletes the user's ACLs where found.
Here are some scripts you could model from:

Dan White

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