Removing sharing of mailbox when granted user is deleted

Andy Bennett andyjpb at
Wed Oct 26 19:07:52 EDT 2011


> I've searched with "ACL" keyword all my cyrus-info archive and nothing similar
> came up in the last 18 months.
> The situation is:
> - user A shares a mailbox with user B
> - user B at some point is deleted
> how do I remove the ACL on A's folder for B?
> The only way I can think of is a dump of mailboxes.db, grep for B account and
> then further removal of the stale ACL. Is there another way to do it?
> I know it (probably?) doesn't hurt to keep the broken ACL, but a re-creation of
> an account called B would automatically(?) grant access to that folder, wouldn't it?

Whilst I can't help with your technical problem, I can offer the advice
that you should think very carefully about reusing "user B" in the
future and, therefore deleting "user B" rather than just disabling them.

For example, if you reuse the "user B" then there's a chance
that that user will receive mail intended for the old "user B".

Whilst there's probably a technical solution to the question you ask,
the social aspects are much wider and once you start going down that
rabbit hole then you're in for an interesting ride.


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