Frontend cannot create sub-level mailbox

Roberto Bartali bartali at
Fri Oct 21 03:55:33 EDT 2011

My final conclusions:
I tried to join Frontend and Mupdate in a single machine and the problem
appeared again, so i believe that i miss something in the configuration
So please, can someone suggest me the right configuration to set
Frontend and Mupdate in a single machine?
I think that the problem may relate to the defaultpartition key in
frontend (I set it to "default") or to the missing comunication between
frontend and his mupdate part on the same machine.
Thank you in advance....


Il 20/10/2011 16:02, Roberto Bartali ha scritto:
> Some upgrades:
> I tried to reinstall everything splitting the frontend and the Mupdate
> server in two different PC.
> I Installed the 2.3.16 version of Cyrus Imap, because i saw is
> functioning for someone.
> I replicated the same confirguration as mentioned in my precedent posts
> and everything is working, so i can create sublevel mailbox from my Imap
> client.
> So, my problem may be caused:
> - or by a configuration mistake setting a frontend as a mupdate server
> - or by a problem in the current version of Cyrus Imap (but i believe it
> is unlikely)
> Tomorrow I'll install the current version in the working environment, so
> I'll have an answer.
> Suggestions are welcome...
> Bye
> Roberto
> Il 18/10/2011 17:52, Roberto Bartali ha scritto:
>> Hi and thank you for the reply
>> I activated telemetry logging for proxyservers Sasl user (master in my
>> case) but backend doesn't get any log message.
>> The strange thing is that the error message in frontend imapd.log
>> doesn't speak about permission or authorization problems bat about
>> mailbox name.
>> Infact it says "IOERROR: Mailbox name too long
>> (user.roberto02.testing)", but the name seems to be correct....
>> Roberto
>> Il 17/10/2011 14:44, Michael Menge ha scritto:
>>> Hi,
>>> Quoting Roberto Bartali <bartali at>:
>>>> As you can see it seems that only frontend give the error so probably i
>>>> didn't transmit the CREATE command to the backend.
>>>> I hope someone can Help me.....
>>>> Thank you in advance
>>> It could be the mupdate server that denies the name.
>>> You could activate telemetry log for murder.
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