Frontend cannot create sub-level mailbox

Roberto Bartali bartali at
Thu Oct 20 10:02:59 EDT 2011

Some upgrades:
I tried to reinstall everything splitting the frontend and the Mupdate
server in two different PC.
I Installed the 2.3.16 version of Cyrus Imap, because i saw is
functioning for someone.
I replicated the same confirguration as mentioned in my precedent posts
and everything is working, so i can create sublevel mailbox from my Imap
So, my problem may be caused:
- or by a configuration mistake setting a frontend as a mupdate server
- or by a problem in the current version of Cyrus Imap (but i believe it
is unlikely)
Tomorrow I'll install the current version in the working environment, so
I'll have an answer.
Suggestions are welcome...


Il 18/10/2011 17:52, Roberto Bartali ha scritto:
> Hi and thank you for the reply
> I activated telemetry logging for proxyservers Sasl user (master in my
> case) but backend doesn't get any log message.
> The strange thing is that the error message in frontend imapd.log
> doesn't speak about permission or authorization problems bat about
> mailbox name.
> Infact it says "IOERROR: Mailbox name too long
> (user.roberto02.testing)", but the name seems to be correct....
> Roberto
> Il 17/10/2011 14:44, Michael Menge ha scritto:
>> Hi,
>> Quoting Roberto Bartali <bartali at>:
>>> As you can see it seems that only frontend give the error so probably i
>>> didn't transmit the CREATE command to the backend.
>>> I hope someone can Help me.....
>>> Thank you in advance
>> It could be the mupdate server that denies the name.
>> You could activate telemetry log for murder.
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