[OT] Outhouse not showing sent messages

Marc Patermann hans.moser at ofd-z.niedersachsen.de
Fri Jan 28 07:14:54 EST 2011


Mike Eggleston schrieb am 27.01.2011 19:18 Uhr:
> I have a user at my small site that says, and I've seen it, that when
> a message is sent from Outhouse the message appears very briefly in the
> sent-items folder then is removed. I've verified the message is on the
> cyrus server, so no server issues there. I've looked for filters, making
> sure Outhouse is sending a copy of the message to the sent-items folder,
> had the user start Outhouse using the /clearviews switch to remove any
> custom settings (that the user does not remember making). I'm seeking
> suggestions on what I can try next.
I don't know, what Outhouse is, but you should try telemetry logging on 
the cyrus server to see what happens in detail.


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