Duplicate elimination causing loss of legitimate mails

Ramprasad ram at netcore.co.in
Tue Feb 15 05:03:41 EST 2011

> There is a possible workaround. You can configure a separate smtp server
> which is used by the broken clients to submit messages, and there you
> configure the MTA to always replace the Message-ID by a newly created one.
> Simon

But the second instance of MTA ( postfix  in my case )  must do no
delivery of its own except forwarding to the first instance or else it
will cause mail duplication. 

I had done this ( for all users globally not for just those clients)  ..
but the problem is it breaks threads on decent email clients. 
So I had to revert back. 

Will it not be easier to just expire records sooner on deliver.db. 
Also this will cause lmtp to run faster I believe .. since it will have
a smaller lookup to do. 


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