custom notifications

Wolfgang Hennerbichler wogri at
Tue Feb 15 04:37:11 EST 2011


I'd like to write a custom notification system (using xmmp or something like that, I don't know yet :)) for cyrus. 
I've had a look at the notify_unix/simple_notify - file in the contrib-directory. It doesn't seem to work in my installation (the script doesn't log any notifications, although notifyd does for example notify zephyr, which works), or maybe I don't understand the concept of notifications. So I'd like to ask a couple of questions: 
* does anybody have custom notifications up and running by reading the notification-socket of cyrus?
* does notifyd need to be running in order to make the notify-socket readable, or is the notify-socket filled by the cyrus-master process? 
* where would I find instructions on that? 

thanks a bunch, 

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