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Tue Sep 21 06:44:22 EDT 2010

On Tuesday 21 September 2010 11:44:45 Marc Patermann wrote:
> Hi,
> André Schild schrieb am 21.09.2010 10:40 Uhr:
> > Am 21.09.2010 09:31, schrieb Pascal Gienger:


> > One important thing is the documentation of the imap server, and
> > there cyrus could offer more.... (Just my opinion)
> The new web site is a good start.
> We should start a best practice section in the wiki.
> - How do I install Cyrus on Debian/Ubuntu/...?
> - From single server to multi server?
> - How to start with partitions and why?
> - Where to get latest releases (rpm/deb) when is not in my
>    distriburtion (simon matter etc.)?
> - Everyone is talking about "Push-Mail" - how to do it with Cyrus?
> - What if I want "Groupware" later, can I still use Cyrus?
>    (link to projects supporting Cyrus, OX etc)
> - I want to have virtual users in LDAP/RDBMS - how to do it?
> There may be much more basic task which may be well know to us but would
> be interesting to newbies to know.

Don't forget one of the most important details (which I think should be listed 
right after "how to install / configure"):
- How do I backup and restore my email?
(eg. what needs to be backed up and what can be "rebuild")

> Just my 2 Cent

And mine, makes 4 cents :)


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