Claus c.grill at
Tue Sep 21 08:57:22 EDT 2010


> [...]
> The new web site is a good start.
> We should start a best practice section in the wiki.
> - How do I install Cyrus on Debian/Ubuntu/...?
> - From single server to multi server?
> - How to start with partitions and why?
> - Where to get latest releases (rpm/deb) when is not in my
>    distriburtion (simon matter etc.)?

I think this may also be a problem: Where to get up to date packages?

In Debian they are still on Version 2.2.13. And Ubuntu probably also. And as 
Squeeze will be finished sooner or later, they will still have the 2.2.13 
packages in their repositories.

Having a repository with the latest 2.3 and then the 2.4 cyrus versions would 
be a good thing.

This helps in getting a working cyrus server for not only newbie users.

But I know that keeping a seperate repository is quite a lot of work.

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