Vincent Fox vbfox at
Mon Sep 20 19:26:12 EDT 2010

  On 09/20/2010 04:23 PM, Andrew Morgan wrote:
> I end up granting myself rights to various users' mailboxes to 
> investigate when we see one of our users sending out spam.  It usually 
> turns out that they have been phished recently.  Once I grant myself 
> rights to their mailbox, I see the mailbox in my regular email client 
> (Alpine) in the "Other Users" hierarchy.
> Does this work without Murder?  How do you investigate users' 
> mailboxes in cases like this?

I just login to the backend and look at their mailbox directly.  
Admittedly clunkier but the number of times where I've had to poke 
directly is small.

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