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Mon Sep 20 19:48:53 EDT 2010

On Mon, 20 Sep 2010, Andrew Morgan wrote:

> On Mon, 20 Sep 2010, Vincent Fox wrote:
>> Umm, what?  We run Cyrus IMAP server with no Murder
>> for 20K+ people.  Murder may be a feature but it's not a
>> deployment requirement.
>> We used Perdition, originally just thrown up to provide a
>> transparent bridge as we migrated from Uwash to Cyrus.
>> But as things moved along, we ended up with Perdition
>> and multiple Cyrus backends and no good reason to switch
>> over to a Murder.
> I end up granting myself rights to various users' mailboxes to investigate
> when we see one of our users sending out spam.  It usually turns out that
> they have been phished recently.  Once I grant myself rights to their
> mailbox, I see the mailbox in my regular email client (Alpine) in the
> "Other Users" hierarchy.
> Does this work without Murder?

it definantly works with a single back-end. In the case of a multi-server setup, 
it depends on if your murder substatute will show you the folders across 
back-ends or not in a listing.

you can always connect directly to the back-end (bypassing murder or it's 
replacement) to see all "other users" for that back-end.

David Lang

>  How do you investigate users' mailboxes in
> cases like this?
> 	Andy
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