Andrew Morgan morgan at
Mon Sep 20 19:23:00 EDT 2010

On Mon, 20 Sep 2010, Vincent Fox wrote:

> Umm, what?  We run Cyrus IMAP server with no Murder
> for 20K+ people.  Murder may be a feature but it's not a
> deployment requirement.
> We used Perdition, originally just thrown up to provide a
> transparent bridge as we migrated from Uwash to Cyrus.
> But as things moved along, we ended up with Perdition
> and multiple Cyrus backends and no good reason to switch
> over to a Murder.

I end up granting myself rights to various users' mailboxes to investigate 
when we see one of our users sending out spam.  It usually turns out that 
they have been phished recently.  Once I grant myself rights to their 
mailbox, I see the mailbox in my regular email client (Alpine) in the 
"Other Users" hierarchy.

Does this work without Murder?  How do you investigate users' mailboxes in 
cases like this?


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