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Mark Cave-Ayland mark.cave-ayland at
Mon Sep 13 04:51:19 EDT 2010

Bron Gondwana wrote:

>> The main criticism I have from a developer point of view is, well, CVS. 
>> Enough said. Please please can we have an official git mirror? It makes 
>> maintaining out-of-tree patches so much easier in the long run, and 
>> therefore much more likely that we can pass the patches back upstream.
> We're working on it!  I'm hoping to chat with Jeroen from Kolab about it
> again tonight.  We've got a partial merge into git - but we just want to
> make sure all the tags and authors and stuff are imported properly before
> cutting over.  And to give people enough warning to change :)

Excellent news! FWIW the PostgreSQL team have been trying to switch to 
git for the past month, and in the process have involved the cvs2git 
maintainers and had some fixes committed over the past few weeks to 
improve the migration process (note that they have also suffered from 
having to hand-tweak the repository to fix various bugs in CVS).

The thread about the entire process is very long, but for those 
interested the latest summary is here:



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