two imapd istances with different "altnamespace"

Dan White dwhite at
Fri Oct 15 09:32:56 EDT 2010

On 15/10/10 10:01 +0200, Giuseppe Ravasio wrote:
>my mail server runs cyrus 2.3 with "altnamespace: no" parameter.
>We make extensive use of shared folders and we are happy with this
>setting and with personal folders unser INBOX.
>But now need to use a software that only understands alternative
>namespace and i was thinking about using two different imapd.conf files
>that differ only in the line:
> > altnamespace:	no
>< altnamespace: yes
>in cyrus.conf i will put:
>imap          cmd="imapd" listen="imap" prefork=0
>imap2	      cmd="imapd -C /etc/imapd2.conf" listen="10143" prefork=0
>It's possible to do this  setting?
>And it's safe using different namespaces on the same mailstore?

The altnamespace doc says that should work, with the caveat that sieve
scripts will need to be updated.

Dan White

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