Weird sync problems in 2.4.0

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Wed Oct 13 09:30:23 EDT 2010

Hello everybody,

I have a problem regarding the synchronisation in 2.4.0. I installed 2.4.0 on two test servers where 2.3.16 was installed. The imapd on the replica hasn't been running for a while. After the two where online I tried to replicate from the master to the replica and ran into some problems. 

If I try to sync the mailbox user.tester to the replica using sync_client -v -m user.tester I get

MAILBOXES user.tester
Error from do_mailboxes(): bailing out!

On the replica I can see the following error in syslog:
IOERROR: failed to parse /path/to/sync./18755/991ebe63638ae2e25b9f081aa5b3d78f9380309b
Failed to append file user.tester 29

I ran reconstruct on the mailbox for a dozen times using -G -r and -f but that didn't help. 

Browsing a bit through the source code (I am not a programmer) I found the message probably gets generated in message_parse in imap/message.c. I inserted a syslog message telling me which file it was trying to open and a sleep, recompiled and installed and tried to find the file the next time- it wasn't there, the directory where it should have been was empty. Using strace I can see that the sync_client is sending (amongst other stuff) "APPLY MESSAGE" whith a message and shortly after that a "APPLY MAILBOX" in which a GUID appears which is identical to the name of the file which is missing on the replica. 

How do I resolve that and is there a document describing the sync protocol in detail ?

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