Corrupted mailbox on Syncserver

Michael Menge michael.menge at
Wed Oct 13 03:37:56 EDT 2010


i have a problem, with the replication of a usermailbox.

The syncserver logs

Oct 13 08:54:05 yyyy syncserver[17564]: accepted connection
Oct 13 08:54:05 yyyy syncserver[17569]: executed
Oct 13 08:54:05 yyyy syncserver[17564]: cmdloop(): startup
Oct 13 08:54:05 yyyy syncserver[17564]: login:  
[] xxxxx PLAIN User logged in
Oct 13 08:54:05 yyyy syncserver[17564]: seen_db: user uuuuu opened  
Oct 13 08:54:07 mailserv06 syncserver[17564]: Fatal error: Virtual  
memory exhausted
Oct 13 08:54:07 yyyy master[22746]: service syncserver pid 17564 in  
BUSY state: terminated abnormally

this repeats till i reconstruct the mailbox on the syncserver side.

This happened 4 times in two weeks and it was always the same user / mailbox.

I want to find and fix the cause of the corruption. Can someone
help me analyze this?

System Infos:

                Server            Client
System         SLES 10 (i586)    SLES 10 (x86_64)
Cyrus          2.3.16+autosieve  2.3.16+autosieve
Storage        iSCSI xfs         iSCSI xfs
expunge_mode:  delayed           delayed
delete_mode:   delayed           delayed
Memory:        4 GB              4 GB



M.Menge                                Tel.: (49) 7071/29-70316
Universität Tübingen                   Fax.: (49) 7071/29-5912
Zentrum für Datenverarbeitung          mail:  
michael.menge at
Wächterstraße 76
72074 Tübingen
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