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Great.  One final question on this topic.

I currently have a warm-backup server (2.2.12) that I rsync to each night. As mailboxes are moved to the new 2.3.16 server the rsynced index files would be the wrong version.

I can either rsync just the mail messages to the warm backup, and then reconstruct the index files. Or, I can take a slight detour, and upgrade the warm backup server to 2.3.16.

>From what you say, I should be able to continue to rsync from the current 2.2.12 server to an upgraded backup server.  If the backup should be needed, Cyrus will upgrade the index files.  Is that right?

I'm not sure which approach I'll take. The goal is to eventually have a replication server. But that can't be the current backup server since it has insufficient disk space going forward.


"Bron Gondwana" <brong at> wrote:

>On Sat, Oct 09, 2010 at 12:04:23AM -0400, Michael D. Sofka wrote:
>> Bron,  Thanks for the answer.  A one way xfer in fine.  I'm just testing the new server, and the migration process.
>> Is the old format updated on xfer? The account I moved is working fine.
>Cyrus will automatically update the index format when you first open
>a mailbox using a newer version of any Cyrus program (imapd, pop3d,
>lmtpd, whatever).  This applies both when upgrading a mailbox "in place"
>or when the files have been copied to a new server via XFER.  The
>in-place upgrade should be able to handle index files from all earlier
>versions of Cyrus, not just the most recent - so you can upgrade all the
>way from 2.2.12 to 2.3.16, even though it's about 3 revisions of index
>The mailbox will be fine on the new server - you just can't transfer
>it back.

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