cyradm and allowing only encrypted passwords with 2.3.16?

Wesley Craig wes at
Mon Oct 4 12:41:52 EDT 2010

On 04 Oct 2010, at 10:26, Patrick Goetz wrote:
> Sorry,I didn't specifically say that I'm using the latest release, 2.3.16.

I understood that, tho I did notice you pasted the 2.2.x error, not the 2.3.x error.

> I find cyradm to be very convenient to use for smaller sites, but is 
> this essentially a dead tool and I need to be rolling my own 
> administrative tools?

Not at all.  Most very large sites do roll their own tools, I find, but only because they are integrating with a lot of non-cyrus automation.  Even in sites with heavy automation, cyradm is still used for troubleshooting and the like.

Why would you suppose it's a dead tool?  Because it has a bug?


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