cyradm and allowing only encrypted passwords with 2.3.16?

Patrick Goetz pgoetz at
Mon Oct 4 12:53:53 EDT 2010

On 10/04/2010 11:41 AM, Wesley Craig wrote:
> I understood that, tho I did notice you pasted the 2.2.x error, not the 2.3.x error.

Nope, this is precisely the error I'm getting on my 2.3.16 install:
ibis:~~$ dpkg -l | grep cyrus-common
ii  cyrus-common-2.3                    2.3.16-1 
   Cyrus mail system - common files
ibis:~~$ cyradm localhost
Login disabled.
cyradm: cannot authenticate to server as pgoetz

> Why would you suppose it's a dead tool?  Because it has a bug?

I'm just asking because it's not working for me when I disable plain 
text authentication.  <:)

See my previous message for efforts to use cyradm
[--auth mechanism] [--tlskey keyfile] flags to get around this.

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