cyradm and allowing only encrypted passwords with 2.3.16?

Dan White dwhite at
Mon Oct 4 14:05:43 EDT 2010

On 04/10/10 11:51 -0500, Patrick Goetz wrote:
>On 10/04/2010 11:07 AM, Dan White wrote:
>> You can connect via a non plaintext mechanism, like digest-md5.
>This seems like a straightforward case of RTFM, but how does one
>determine the auth mechanism?  I'm using saslauthd, pam, and have a
>self-signed certificate (which I know works):

saslauthd does not support shared secret mechanisms (you'd need to use an
auxprop plugin to do so).

with cyradm, you'd choose the mechanism with the '--auth' option. See:

for details.

Dan White

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