popuseimapflags does not use IMAP seen state

Kenneth Marshall ktm at rice.edu
Mon Nov 8 11:33:25 EST 2010


I just posted this bug to the Cyrus Bugzilla system:

Bug 3329 - popuseimapflags does not pass IMAP seen -> POP3 seen

and I thought I would see if anyone else in the community had
run into this issue. Or is there a rationale behind not using
the IMAP seen information in the POP3 message pull? When we
enabled the popuseimapflags option, I think the behavior became
more consistent for POP3 users when they used our IMAP based
Webmail system. There were a couple of changes that some people
needed to do to their client configurations that seemed to
suggest that using a mailbox annotation for this option and
not just a hard-coded configuration file option would make
this more useful in differing scenarios -- my two cents.


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