verify cyrus user

Riccardo Veraldi Riccardo.Veraldi at
Mon Nov 8 11:52:01 EST 2010

actually I am not able to deliver mails to users on virtual domains.
only default domain works.

This because via LMTP the email at is stripped and cyrus 
receives only informations on
and not at

anyone knows how can I solve this issue ?

thank you


Riccardo Veraldi wrote:
> Hello, I am using ckuser_cyrus.m4 sendmail macro to enable the cyrus 
> user lookup using sendmail socketmaps
> and it works in normal cyrus configuration.
> But when I enable cyrus virtualdomains it does not work anymore, and 
> it always fails for domains which are not defaultdomain.
> anyone has a fix about this ?
> thank you
> Rick

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