Cyrus Imap + Thunderbird 3

"Clément Hermann (nodens)" nodens2099 at
Fri Nov 5 09:35:06 EDT 2010

Le 05/11/2010 12:21, Dominique Couot a écrit :
> When trying to connect though a Thunderbird 3, no luck.
> I know the mail server works... it works with the webmail part - at the
> office and outside of the office. It also works with TB3 when using the
> internal IP address of the server on the LAN. But no way to get it
> working with a domain name.
> So I figure the problem was with the connection to the server and the
> resolution of the server name etc... (/etc/hosts, hostmane, or whatever
> over config file and anything in between the server and the domain provider)
> Can somehow help me to solve that part ?

Does it work with the public IP address ? If it does, it is a name 
resolution problem, otherwise it is most probably a routing or filtering 
(as in firewall) issue.

Try to check if the name is resolved correctly when you ping the 
hostname, as a first check.

Clément Hermann

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